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Letter From The President

Dear Members:

It seems hard to believe that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter when New Mexico is already experiencing such beautiful spring weather. It is yet another feature that makes this state such an amazing place to live and practice law. But like each of us, this amazing state faces challenges, big and small. NMDLA faced its own challenges in 2017.

One such challenge was the resignation of our longtime Executive Director, Jean Gibson. As an Executive Director, Jean was organized and well-prepared, with a keen eye for detail. As a friend, Jean is warm, gracious and witty. She worked effortlessly with harried and sometimes frustrated attorneys, and made it seem as if the organization ran itself. Having only recently become aware of all Jean did, I can assure you that this is not the case. I count myself lucky to have benefitted from her service to our organization and her continued friendship. While we have undertaken the process of filling the Executive Director role, there is simply no replacing Jean Gibson. I am grateful that I can rely on the collective wisdom and experience of our Board of Directors during this challenging time. Their assistance is immensely appreciated.

To succeed and ultimately thrive, all organizations must answer a fundamental question: what should we be providing to our members? I believe that in order to best serve our members, NMDLA should know as much as possible about the members we serve, and what you would like to see from the organization. This is not limited to demographic information, but also includes what you want from us in terms of CLE programming, advocacy, and other matters. Although I am planning to implement a more formal method of collecting this information, I would ask each of you to consider what DLA can do to provide additional value to your practices and careers.

I am excited to serve as the President of DLA in 2018. I would like to thank Courtenay Keller for a tremendous 2017. In the face of major challenges, Courtenay’s thoughtful and steady leadership allowed us to move forward with confidence. Please join me in thanking her for her tireless service to DLA, including to the Board of Editors. She is a rare and wonderful asset to our organization.

Courtenay started one of my favorite initiatives, the Brownbag roundtables. I attended several of these roundtables, and hosted one. I found them informative and entertaining. They are a quick, easy way to stay in contact with your colleagues and to discuss pressing or hot-button issues. Such knowledge improves our ability to serve our clients. Please reach out to me if you have an idea that you would like to discuss at a roundtable, or if you are interested in hosting a roundtable.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Board Member and Past President Carolyn Ramos, who has stepped down after a decade of dedicated service. Carolyn is well-known as a fearless litigator and a courageous advocate, and her commitment to NMDLA was no different. She created the wildly successful Women in the Courtroom CLE, which continues to grow and receive statewide and national recognition. Preparations are underway for this year’s program, which will be held on August 17th. More details to come, look for them on our website nmdla.org. NMDLA would not be the wonderful organization it is today without her leadership and counsel, and we are incredibly appreciative for her assistance.

Cody R. Rogers, Esq.
2018 NMDLA President

Christopher J. DeLar

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Women in the Courtroom VII
Friday, August 17.

Join us at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Albuquerque for this year’s full-day CLE seminar. Online registration available in July. 


Congratulations to our 2017 NMDLA Lawyer of the Year Award Winners 

Winner of the Outstanding Civil Defense Lawyer of the Year Award is 
Mark Mowery, Esq. of Rodey Law Firm. This year’s Young Lawyer of the Year Award goes to Justin D. Goodman, Esq. of Stiff, Keith, & Garcia, LLC . The awards were presented at the NMDLA Annual Awards Luncheon on September 29, 2017, at the Hotel Chaco in Old Town, Albuquerque.

CHICAGO – (May 16, 2017)—Stating “. . . we are gravely concerned that many provisions contained in ALI’s Restatement are at odds with the common law of insurance, and will impede the ability of our members to represent policyholders pursuant to the tripartite relationship . . .,” DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar...Read the full News Release from DRI

DRI Honors NMDLA with Diversity Award  

The New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association has been selected by DRI, the Voice of the Defense Bar, to receive the 2016 SLDO Diversity Award. The award was presented at the DRI Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon, October 20th in Boston.

WINTER 2017/2018 ISSUE

Defense News is NMDLA's quarterly newsletter containing important articles on the latest developments in the law that is circulated to all members of the New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association as well as all New Mexico judges, libraries and major newspapers. 

WINTER 2017/2018 ISSUE


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Jason M. Burnette of German Burnette & Associates 

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