Our Vendor Sponsors

Many of NMDLA's activities are made possible through the support of our generous sponsors, including:



Exponent’s engineering and scientific consultants provide science-based investigations, regulatory support and demonstrative evidence services for projects involving product defect claims, environmental/toxic tort issues, construction disputes, intellectual property evaluation, personal injury/insurance claims, and international arbitration.  Regulatory Support for CPSC, NHTSA, EPA, FDA and international compliance. Offices in the US, Europe and Asia.


JCR Settlements, LLC has more than 50 years combined experience in the structured settlement marketplace. JCR brings a simple, settlement focused approach to every negotiation. We work tirelessly to protect the needs and interests of all parties to the settlement. We ensure everyone involved in a claim can move forward with their lives, confident that their unique needs have been met. While there is colorful banter within the legal and insurance communities about defense oriented or plaintiff loyal structured settlement brokerages, the truth remains that no one is successful unless a settlement is ultimately reached. At the end of the day, defendants and their insurance carriers want to settle the claim as cost effectively as possible. The claimant, conversely, needs to ensure that their immediate and long term needs are secured. JCR understands these realities and has successfully represented the claims equation with creativity, efficiency and integrity. We conduct thorough needs analysis, design appropriate payment streams, secure the highest possible yield at the lowest possible premium and prepare all necessary settlement documents to bring each matter to an effective close.


Robson Forensic is a national leader in expert witness consulting, providing technical expertise across many fields within engineering, architecture, and science, as well as an expansive range of specialty disciplines. We provide investigations, reports, and testimony where technical and scientific answers are needed to resolve litigation and insurance claims.  With over 200 in-house experts from both industry and academia, it is likely that one of our forensic experts has done the work central to the issues of your matter, and can testify accordingly.




A powerful resource in litigation for nearly 50 years, S-E-A is a multi-disciplined forensic engineering, fire investigation, and visualization services company specializing in failure analysis. S-E-A's full-time staff offers a complete investigative service including: mechanical, biomechanical, electrical, civil, and materials engineering, as well as fire investigation, industrial hygiene services, visualization services and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. These disciplines interact to provide thorough and independent analysis that will support any subsequent litigation. Should animations, graphics, or medical illustrations be needed, S-E-A’s visualization team can work closely with field staff to clearly depict what really happened.


Sellon Forensics Inc. specializes in ELECTRICAL forensic engineering services.  Jeffrey L. Sellon, PE has over 35 years of highly diversified “real world” electrical engineering experience in electrical failure analysis, facility and process engineering, and construction. Sellon Forensics Inc. has provided forensic electrical analysis for the legal and insurance industries since 1994. Licensed professional engineer in 29 states.


EFI Global is a multidisciplinary forensic engineering firm. We provide our New Mexico clients forensic analyses, origin and cause investigations, and vehicle accident reconstructions that are the highest quality in the industry. EFI Global offers global experience, national coverage and local expertise.  Our New Mexico fire investigators are all previous veterans of various fire departments and agencies throughout New Mexico